Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Swimming with Dolphins Playa Del Carmen

Dolphin Discovery
Captive Dolphins Are Not Smiling
Swim with dolphins tours in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico sound exciting but every time you purchase a "swim with dolphins experience" you invest money and help to fund the capture and slaughter of  wild dolphins.
Whenever you swim with dolphins in Playa Del Carmen or anywhere else in the world with corporations such as Dolphin Discovery, Dolphinaris or Delphinus World you are helping to perpetuate the dolphin capture and slaughter in Taiji, Japan and the Solomon Islands.

Swim with dolphins in the wild not a swimming pool

Swimming with dolphins in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is directly funding/incentivizing the annual slaughter of millions of dolphins world wide. Hotels and resorts throughout the Riviera Maya make millions of dollars each year from the exploitation of dolphins in "swim with dolphin" programmes.

Dolphin Discovery
Killing Boats Japan
Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen has a swim with dolphins facility that allows 10 people to enter a dirty pool no wider than 20 meters with a group of dolphins. Swimming with dolphins is extremely difficult in the wild as most dolphins only interact with humans for a short period of time. Companies like Dolphin Discovery, Delphinus World, and Dolphinaris that run swim with dolphin programs and experiences in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico force dolphins to perform tricks by refusing to feed the dolphin until it has completed a task. These tasks include jumps and allowing customers to ride the dorsal fin of the dolphin. This type of conditioning is called association therapy, the dolphins associate tricks with food, and if they do not perform they are not fed. Dolphin trainers would like to rebuttal this claim as incentivisation, but the cold honest truth is basically they are starving dolphins into submission.

Dolphin Discovery in Puerto Aventuras, Playa del Carmen place dolphins in small swimming pools next to loud and busy restaurants to maximise the sales potential of their swim with dolphins tours.

Dolphins are extremely sensitive to sound, therefore they develop ulcers from the stress of noise pollution that they are subjected to on a daily basis. This is the reason that Dolphin Discovery and Dolphinaris feed their captive dolphins with fish coated in medicine to fight the effects of the ulcers.

For Every 1 Dolphin in Captivity, 17 Died

While paying $150 for your swim with dolphins ticket
you probably never took the time to wonder how did those dolphins that live in tight-nit, complex social groups travelling 50 miles a day end up in this tiny swimming pool?

Every dolphinarium from Delphinus World, Dolphinaris and Dolphin Discovery have not rescued these dolphins, how many sick or injured dolphins do you see in the ocean (perhaps one every five years)... I have been diving for 8 years, dived over 1000 dives, and I have seen zero sick or injured dolphins in the wild.

The answer is simple Dolphinaris, Delphinus World and Dolphin Discovery captured... not rescued dolphins. Actually that's slightly inaccurate, they actually paid people to capture dolphins for them, usually young females dolphins. The swim with dolphins experience is comprised of young female dolphins, because they seem to learn faster than males. The entire pod of dolphins is captured, then the young females are singled out and taken. The rest of the dolphins either die during the stress of the capture or are killed and sold as low priced meat.

The next time you buy a "Swim with dolphins experience" in Mexico via Puerto Aventuras, Dolphinaris, Delphinus World or Dolphin Discovery, remember that you have just contributed towards the continue exploitation and needless slaughter of wild free swimming dolphins for your own short sighted personal gratification.

Dolphins swim over 50 miles everyday while riding surf, socializing and searching for food. Dolphin captivity tears dolphins away from their family, and plunges them into a life of servitude.

There are plenty of places where you can swim with dolphins in the wild under their terms in there own habitat, and not in a swimming pool, it just takes a little more effort but unfortunately it seems that the fast food culture has crossed over the threshold to encompass the general mentality of society.

Love Dolphins Then Don´t Swim With Captive Dolphins